The Underground Strikes Back
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Fri 31 Mar 08 PM
United Kingdom
Underground Hip Hop

Lennie's aim is to educate and get recognition for the underground Hip Hop Scene. Together with his own band 'Suspekt Crew' they play the best Hip Hop from all over the world as well as old favorites, 1988-now. Not only that, they perform live including guest artists, occasionally busting freestyle raps.

Certainly not to be confused with the Danish group of the same name, Suspekt were formed around 1992, but DJ Prime Suspect and Lennie had been making demos and recording together since late 1988. It was about mid 92 and the first serious demo "Look like a rapper" was recorded. DJ Prime was also producing another vocalist at the time, Pride, who was part of local group Code 7. After a meeting at a jam, Prime thought it would be a good idea to get Pride on a track he was working on called "Hope and glory". Pride’s vocals fitted the topic of the tune perfectly and Lennie knew there was something there, and shortly after Pride was part of the group.

Pride brought a new stance and purpose to the group and shortly after, the Under Suspicion EP was recorded, produced, and distributed during a European tour which saw dates all over the UK and Germany, touring with Son of Noise, Red Ninja, Blade, Killa Instinct, Gunshot, and guesting with German crews. After touring for around 2 or 3 years the group disbanded, with Pride leaving to persue other musical avenues.

Still feeling that there was a point to be proven, the group reformed with Blue Eyes (who needs no introduction!) around a year or so later. The groups subject matter changed, promoting realism in a time when most UK rappers where imitating their US counterparts. An EP shortly followed entitled "Bury the bullshit" and while on tour to promote this, once again in Europe, the video for "Blow up" was filmed, recieving airplay on UK, French and German TV.

The group then released there first LP "The Underground Strikes Back" which was recorded over a period of around 9 months with guest vocals from USA underground veterans The Mystik Journeymen, with DJ Format from Brighton producing a number of the LPs tracks. Pressed by Move records in Germany, the LP was released in 96, and a small UK tour shortly followed, the LP was a success in Germany and did well in the UK’s underground movement, making it sought after in record stores.

The LP tracks were the last ones recorded as the group were to split again at the end of 96.

In 2007, and during a reunion of local old school b-boys, Suspekt decided to reform in a time when the UK’s grime scene is the main sound of the UK’s underground. The result? Lennie, Pride, Scenes 14 and DJ Prime Suspect all appeared on the first tune made in over 10 years, " Back from the Dead" which brought them back to they're original, uncompromising sound.

They then released they're second album 'Dead Men Walking' which is an absolute breath of fresh air to a scene that is mostly filled with out of date vocals dropped over hollow, drum machine inspired beats. The album is a mixture of mid-tempo, moody tracks combined with faster, Britcore sounding stompers that will make your ears bleed. Additional vocals are supplied by other well established MC's including a verse from Blue Eyes himself.

As another chapter unfolds, they are definitely 'Back From The Dead' with tours & dates here within the U.K & abroad with the likes of Son Of Noise, Killa Instinct, Drunken Eejit, Mantis Chapter & Inzaine.