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F.L.D.J.'s (Fort Lauderdale Disc Jockeys) were formed back in 1980 by Devon Hughes aka Captain D. It started out as a couple of friends that were DJ's at Lauderdale Super Skating Center(skating rink) including Devon, everyone was still in High School then they started doing parties for their school. 

At that time other DJ groups were showing up all over town like Jam Pony Express, CM Express and others to follow. But the FLDJ's set their own standards, their own style and created a popular, well respected DJ company that copywritted and patent the name F.L.D.J.'s.

To be in the FLDJS you had to maintain good grade, don't do drugs, and stay out of gangs or/trouble. If you didnt follow the rules, you could not be a member of the FLDJS. Devon tried to be a role model to those kids that didn't have anybody, and always made time to talk and listen to what the kids and his fans had to say.

Captain D never forgot where he came from and always says that (WITHOUT THE FANS AND HIS FRIENDS, THERE WOULD BE NO CAPTAIN D OR FLDJS!!.) Since the 1980s, the FLDJ's have done over 2500 parties and events!!. Now that the 80s and 90s have come and gone, the FLDJS are in a new century (2000 and beyond). The FLDJS are still stronger then ever.

That is the history of Captain D & the Fort Lauderdale Disc Jockeys (F.L.D.J.'S).